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I have been interested in things Japanese for many years...

...but have a special passion for Japanese garments and indigo textiles.

As with pottery and sword making the Japanese have taken the art of textiles to the very limits. The craftsmanship of weavers, dyers and artists combined with the symbolism of colour and form, produce textiles that are hard to surpass.

I became interested in Japanese textiles in 1987, when a Japanese friend started sending, pieces of indigo and shibori fabric, from Japan. It was love at first sight, my dream was to sell and promote Japanese cultural items, here in the UK. It was not until 1999 that dream came true. Japanese Tex-style was established in that year, following my first visit to Japan, where I was privileged to meet similar minded people and have kept a close relationship ever since, they have always worked closely with me, sourcing selected garments and textiles with the utmost care.

In 2003, with internet shopping coming to the for, the website was created and we now sell internationally. In addition to the website, we stand at the major textile fairs around the UK and with Japan Days becoming popular, we are always keen to participate.

In January 2006, my daughter, having been surrounded by Japanese things most of her life, decided to discover Japan for herself. Originally she left the UK to teach English for 12 months, she has not returned and now lives in Osaka and is an avid collector of Taisho kimono herself. My daughter living in Japan, has allowed me to visit more regularly in the last few years, sourcing and checking availability of vintage and antique items, as well as increasing my knowledge, through visits to exhibitions and to craft artists.

Our clientele has increased over the years, and includes private collectors, fashion designers, for example Paul Smith and Butler and Wilson, film and theatre costume designers and producers, such as, Susannah Buxton (for the Kenneth Branagh film 'As You Like It') Tano Rea, for the London and European touring production of 'The Mikado' and the stage designer for 'Madame Butterfly' at the Grand Theatre, Leeds.

One kimono found itself, the centre of attention, in Monaco, at the launch of a new Lexus model!!!

My business and passion has allowed to meet very interesting people over the years and also take part in some fabulous projects, I am hoping it will continue for many years to come. Thank-you very much to all who have made that possible.

Taisho Girl The 45 Ronins Archers, Sanjusangendo The Mikado

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