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Hardback, 12 inches by 9 inches, 84 Colour Plates.
ISBN978-4-8381-9952-5 First Edition 2007 by Mitsumura Suiko Shoin Publishing Co.Ltd, Japan

This is a fabulous book for those interested in Japanese Folk Textiles, it is dedicated to Indigo dyed textiles decorated using the Tsutsugaki technique, paste resist, tube dyed freehand designs. The main section of the book consists of wonderful colour plates, showing a collection of works from the Late Edo and Meiji Era. These pieces have been dyed and designed by the Folk Textile artists of the time and as you will see each piece is a work of art and has breathtaking beauty. This is the sort of book that can be viewed over and over again, each time giving away a few more secrets. The text is in English and Japanese and includes, a description of the Works (Production area and Age), a History and Charm of Tsutsugaki and the Tsutsugaki dyeing Process. This is a book not to be missed appealing to collectors, textile artists and all those interested in beautiful textiles and works of art!

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